Spelling Bee Awards and Programs to Inspire Students

Teachers and parents know: spelling bees reward students with much more than excellent spelling ability. Spelling programs teach good study habits, as well as the discipline to overcome obstacles and persevere. They also give children a chance to connect with academic peers. While certainly a school would love to have a champion speller, most teachers and parents aim for these less noticeable but possibly more meaningful goals. These guidelines help everyone have a productive and fun experience while building character, habits and friendships.

Use an Array of Spelling Bee Prizes to Motivate More Students

The spelling bee awards your program offers could be just the motivation to get that reluctant student involved in school and with academic peers. Research tells us that when a variety of prizes are offered for several skills, more students get involved. Certainly, the very best speller in the class should be rewarded, but giving spelling bee awards for skills like effort or creativity invites those who think they cannot be the top speller to still participate knowing they can win another prize.
Spelling Certificate
Consider creating a spelling bee certificate for:

The Most Improved Speller

The Fastest Speller

The Most Inspired Speller

The Most Creative Speller

The Most Organized Speller

Spelling Bee Leader

The Hardest-Working Speller

These awards send children a crucial message: an adult was watching and noticed their unique traits. The spelling certificate, complete with an enamel pin, gives students something concrete to take home to parents and may inspire some spelling activities at home. Spelling bee prizes like medals can be engraved individually to tailor the skill to the child. Always include the child’s name as well as his or her skill.

Make Your Spelling Bee Program Social

Ask any elementary school student what their favorite period is and they invariably say “recess.” Bring those qualities into your spelling bee program by creating an after school or lunch time club where the students have an opportunity to talk freely for at least the first 15 minutes. Then have them test each other, grade each other’s work and come up with the rules for the club. Some schools even go so far as to have spelling club participants create a name, logo and T-shirts and other items to distinguish themselves. Finally, create spelling teams that change often where children in groups of three are permitted to discuss the answer quietly before giving their final answer. These steps not only give students a sense of identity, it helps them feel part of a group.

Make Spelling Bee Practices Fun

These tips have helped create successful programs across the United States.

  1. Play word games like Balderdash, Apples to Apples and Scrabble.  “Obliquangled” is a word? You bet.  Don’t forget the spelling bee prizes for every win!
  2. Tell students to be on the look-out for misspellings committed by teachers, parents and even celebrities. Any student who brings in an example along with the corrected word gets a reward. Kids love making adults look bad! Take advantage of it.
  3. Incorporate large motor activities like freeze-tag where the “IT” person gives the caught person a word to spell to escape being frozen. A misspelling makes that person the new “IT.” The “IT” person can have a card to refer to. They’re under a lot of pressure!  In this case the spelling bee prize is simply winning the game.
  4. Have mini-spelling bees leading up to the big event. Make sure to hand out spelling bee prizes like ribbons or small trophies to help children enjoy each mini-bee. Even a spelling bee certificate will put a smile on an ardent speller’s face.

Motivate Your Students with Spelling Bee Prizes, Medals and Trophies at Crown

Anyone who deals with children knows too well how they crave recognition. “Mom. Look. Mom!” is said so much in households across the U.S., that comedians create bits around the habit. Rewarding hard-working spellers with affordable spelling bee certificates, medals and trophies gives children lots to feel good about and get deserved attention for.  Call Crown today at 800-227-1557 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about your spelling bee program. We are happy to help you make it successful. You can also “Like” us on Facebook to receive our stream of offers, great award ideas and more.

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