Top Incentives for Employee Motivation

While Microsoft has its stock options and Wall Street its yearly bonuses, your company, too, can provide the incentives for employee motivation that foster both productivity and a positive work environment.

When considering the best incentives for employee motivation, keep in mind that the majority of people work for reasons in addition to money. In fact, human resources firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide finds in The Human Capital Edge: 21 People Management Practices Your Company Must Implement (or Avoid) to Maximize Shareholder Value, that in addition to a means to making a living, employees work to:
• Achieve personal fulfillment
• Accomplish goals
• Contribute to a mission larger than themselves
• Help others (clients and customers)
• Experience camaraderie with customers and colleagues
• Remain active and challenged
• Solve problems
In the end, personal motivation is individual, but companies can boost engagement and enthusiasm with simple incentives for employee motAnniversaryPinivation.

Praise is Undervalued as a “Soft Skill”
First, given the motivations listed above, it’s clear that individuals crave having their efforts recognized. Human resource experts consistently report that one of the best incentives for employee motivation is praise. They encourage team leaders and supervisors to be on the alert to catch their staff “doing good,” rather than focusing only on areas of improvement.

Considering all of the reasons people work, it’s easy to see how powerful praise can be. Staff doesn’t need or want babying, but they do need someone in charge who is in tune with the fact that they’re working hard and using their individual skills and talents to promote the company. Personalizing pins, plaques and trophies with specific talent or achievement further reveals that supervisors have been watching and appreciate effort expended.

Specific Steps for Providing Incentives for Employee Motivation

Study after study has proven that a “work hard/play hard” culture results in more staff cohesion, positivity and even profit! Jokes and laughter result in a great team morale, which in turn comes across to customers and clients. Motivated, productive staffs thrive naturally in positive environments.

• Keep praise specific! General statements like, “you’re working hard” should be replaced with “we appreciate your staying late last Thursday to get that report finished. Because AppreciationAwardsyou did, we were able to deliver the results on time Friday morning to the client. They were impressed!”
• Focus on specific talents: “Thank heavens we have someone on staff who has some design ability! Paula made our reception area into Christmas wonderland and the clients love it!”
• Run contests, and track results on a bulletin board that everyone can see. Prizes can include trophies, spa treatments, plaques and dinners. These incentives for employee motivation can foster good-natured competition.


• Recognize employee efforts and accomplishments during a staff meeting.
• Ask the staff to consider whom to recognize at each meeting. This approach gives power to more team members, improving morale.



Crown Awards Helps You Create Meaningful Incentives for Employee Motivation

SummitStarting at around $5, Crown Awards ensures custom employee rewards are very affordable. More, motivational pins, acrylic awards, plaques and trophies can be customized based on the employee’s specific contribution. Call Crown today at 800-227-1557 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about the awards that make great incentives for employee motivation. We’ve helped business owners, supervisors and managers think through exactly who contributed what. You can also “Like” us on Facebook to receive our stream of offers, great award ideas and more. Let incentives for employee motivation like praise and rewards help keep your workplace positive, productive and profitable!

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