Awardss For Your Employees That Shine

American Philosopher William James once said: “The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”  His words especially ring true in the corporate world, where employee recognition is an integral part of a successful business’ day-to day-operations.

Employees are motivated by more than just money – they also desire physical acknowledgment, a memento of recognition of their special achievement that will last well beyond the moment. Financial achievement, where it has its place in the workplace, cannot, and should not substitute for rewards of a more personal nature.

OnyxStarCrystalAs an employee reaches a particular year milestone, receiving an award that recognizes achievement will not only boost his or her morale, but will act as an incentive to continue to grow with the company.  The reward will show them their efforts are noticed by upper management.

Crown Awards offers just that – mementos of recognition – available in acrylic and crystal.  The award will be proudly displayed at the employee’s desk, for all to notice and admire!

Make your choice for “Employee of the Year” feel special as the most deserving member of their team.  Be sure to recognize those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty with etched titles such as “Great Job”, “Award of Excellence”, “Above and Beyond” and “Making a Difference”.

GreatJobCrystalAn award confirms to the employee that their efforts during the year have not gone unnoticed – there is sure to be one particular plaque or award that will fit your unique reason for rewarding your employees.

Your company logo can be displayed on the awards, recognizing both the recipient(s) and the presenter.  Crown Awards offers full color on many of our corporate awards, to show the company logo in all its colorful glory.  Any of our awards will satisfy the craving to be appreciated and the benefits will multiply for everyone involved.

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