Recognize Writing Talent with Excellence Awards

The art of writing may seem to be a quaint relic of an old-fashioned, less technology-based time but this is hardly the case. Although aspects of writing have changed, the ability to create something from your own mind, whether using pen or tablet remains unchanged.

Students may wonder why, in an age of texting, instant communication, auto-complete, and spell-check, they would even need to develop this talent. LOL’s and OMG’s hardly represent the ability to craft a story and release a possible Mark Twain’s inner genius.

Why should students participate in a writing competition?

writingmedalWise educators and sponsors realize that writing competitions measure a combination of many essential skills to set a student on the path to success. Academic, professional and even social skills may be enhanced over time with the right education.

As students become more adept at these skills, it is essential to recognize and reward progress but how do you track progress?

You can measure improvements in writing and communication skills through events which offer creative competition.

There should always be at least one winner, maybe more in different categories, as there are different types of writers in which you can celebrate excellence in originality, vocabulary, vision, overall improved performance and an award to the best speller!

An awards ceremony celebrates success in these areas and an event creates a memory for the winners as well as a goal for others to strive towards “next time!”

Here are a few more suggestions for staging a successful writing contest:

Writing Competitions: Choose Crown Awards for any type of writing competition.

  • School events
  • Civic and community events
  • Scholarships

spelling bee trophySpelling Bees:   Spelling Bees are a popular competition in classrooms and beyond – even televised events all the way to the national level!  Adults as well as children love to compete in this traditional (and difficult!) event.

  • Classroom and school events
  • Libraries
  • book clubs
  • community organizations

 Crown Awards will help make your event a success! 

Along with the satisfaction of a job well done, all winners will be proud to receive our high quality awards.

Crown Awards is the source for a wide variety of awards to reward and recognize writing and spelling skills.

  • Medals and Pins – A great choice for events from classrooms to larger competitions, our high quality medals and enamel pins are a memento of a job well done and quite a budget-friendly option as well!
  • Plaques – A traditional award for writing competitions, Crown’s wide selection of plaques are offered in many classic styles as well as some new and exclusive options.
  • Crystals – Crown’s distinctive crystal awards are available with your choice of many exclusive etch designs, or add your school or organization logo for a truly unique and memorable award.

writingcrystalBrowse our website for awards to suit every event and budget, or call or chat with one of our expert Awards Specialists to help you select the perfect commendation.

Crown Awards has unbeatable prices, offers forty characters of free engraving with a rapid turn-around time all which ensure that your event is a success “where everyone wins.”

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