How To Get Your Kids Excited about the Science Fair

Parents and teachers have lots of reasons why they want their children and students to participate in science fairs; first and foremost is that they know students will learn  scientific skills of research, hypothesis and discovery.

Projects and experiments get kids excited about science and, who knows…you may even be fostering the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie!

The catalyst for the student to achieve, however, lies in the reward:  science fair trophies, medals, recognition from peers and the distinction that can be placed on college applications will most certainly be a motivator.

Not all  thirteen to  eighteen-year-olds embrace a Science Fair work ethic at their phase of life.  If you suspect a short attention span, disinterest in science or lack of inquiry, your students may not be willing to sign up for the science fair program,  give the ideas that we’ve compiled below a try:.

    1. Science Fair projects can be funny.  Anyone who has spent time in their company knows that kids are hilarious! If you have a funny child in your household, leverage it! Tell them they are free to be funny and share that the following topics were legitimate student science projects:
      i.             I Hate My Freaking Braces
      ii.          Top Grossest Things About My Mom’s Feet
      iii.          Proper Corpse Disposal
      Think these topics won’t fly with the science teacher?  Ask him or her. We double-dog dare you! Teachers are desperate for reasons to excite kids about science. A funny topic will not deter the devoted teacher, not for a second. If you’re concerned, email or phone the teacher before your student turns in the topic.
    2. Science Fair Trophies and Medals Get Students’ Attention. Science fair participants typically get their names passed around via school newsletter and/or announcements. When they win science fair trophies and medals, trips away from school grounds or cool things like iPads  and cash, they want to make their mark upon the school, buildan identity and make a place for themselves among hundreds of students
    3. Science Fairs Are Social!  While each project is conducted individually, science fairs give participants a common interest. Pupils help each other by discussing methods, research, resources and results. The science fair itself  is an exciting social experience. Typically, students sit or stand close to their display boards while other students examine and comment. Those who tend to fade into the background suddenly stand out. Winning science fair trophies and medals gives other students something to talk about to the more quiet ones and may help bring kids out of their shells.
    4. Science Fairs Give Students a Chance to Direct their Own Learning.  Students spend their entire school career responding to directions from teachers.  The science fair can be a first chance to pick what a student wants to study and how he or she is going to study it. This freedom can feel intoxicating and give them a glimpse into the joy of the self-direction they’ll experience in college and career.
    5. Science Fairs Give Students Opportunities to Focus on Their Most Intense Interests. The science fair gives the student a chance to revisit a topic touched upon too briefly during school, or even explore a topic the class never covered. Reassure your students that science fair projects have been conducted on:
      i.             Which Music Will My Cat Like the Most
      ii.           How to Build a Drone to Spy on Your Family
      iii.           What Personality Types Most Enjoy Horror Movies
      iv.           Why Girls Cry at Boy Band Concerts
      v.            What Do the Magnetic Poles Have to Do with Bird MigrationJudges like to see a personal touch on the projects and are happy to award science fair trophies and medals to those that come from the heart.

Science Fair Participation is Not as Intense as Rumored.  Middle school and high school can be a hot bed of drama, and students exaggerate how much time and energy a science fair requires. Remind students that they have months to do the work and lots of guidance as well. In the end, attendees only need to create a display board with decent organization of photos and findings on it.

 Crown Awards Science Fair Trophies and Medals Make Participation Worthwhile

While it’s true the top prizes go to a handful of students, science fair trophies and medals can and should be distributed to many participants. In fact, students report that getting awards simply for participation still gives them an intense sense of achievement.

When your children or students put extra work into a science fair project, show them that science professionals, teachers, parents and more appreciate it the effort.

Call Crown Awards today at 800-227-1557 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about getting the most meaningful science fair trophies and medals for your participants. Our wide selection comes at the lowest prices. Order online in minutes, too!

See our video with all student awards available. Its a great way to make students feel special.


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