The Class of 2014 Will Find a World of More Career Choices

The class of 2014 is in a post-email generation which finds the digital world routine and, believe it or not, technology often too slow. Advantages in understanding and operating electronics and social media combined with some distinct societal trends make for a life of choice and freedom that may come as a surprise to their parents, the baby boomers.

Technology Advances and Inexpensive Healthcare Enable More Entrepreneurship

According to a report from the Congressional Budget Office, Americans adjusting their hours and employment in response to new healthcare options means more entrepreneurs in the workforce. With healthcare choices available to freelance consultants, fewer Americans will be “job-locked” they don’t feel suited for.  Instead, look for the students of 2014 to be impresarios!

graduationtrophyWhere it was once prohibitive to acquire software for a niche business, competition in software development today has become so intense, many hopeful business owners can take advantage of free or low cost programs that make their businesses run as well as to obtain online classes to learn new business skills.

The incumbent work force of the Class of 2014 have been inquisitive about, and downloading, the latest and greatest programs to use since middle school. They will certainly put these applications to work in their small businesses.

Individuals looking for funding to start businesses have more options than ever. Capital fundraising organizations like KickStarter and Cabbage have provided backing for technology companies, artists, designers and more. The Class of 2014 will have far more options to move forward with their dreams.

For graduates with hopes of building a career in a specialized field, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has pinpointed several opportunities for the Class of 2014. The fastest growing occupation? Network systems and data communications analysts. Would you rather become an instructor? Good News! Elementary school teachers is the number-one occupation with the most job openings for the graduating class.
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

More Family Support

Where baby boomers couldn’t wait to get out, explore the world and start a family, today’s graduates feel much more comfortable staying at home for a while, reveling in family support. Studies have shown that the Class of 2014 feels closer to their parents than in previous eras.

A Pew Research examination of Census Bureau data shows that the number of Americans that live in multi-generational family households is the highest it has been since the 1950s. The authors of All in the Family: A Practical Guide to Successful Multigenerational Living, use this data and more to prove “a trend toward the reuniting of the extended family.” The financial impact of the Great Recession and the likelihood of parents living to  one-hundred years are just two reasons behind this trend.

With the assistance of new technology, internet-based connectivity and software as well as the love of a supportive family, the Class of 2014 is poised to make its way through a world of opportunity.


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