Beginners Guide to Organizing a Successful Soccer Awards Ceremony

So you stepped up to be the planner of your Soccer Team’s Awards Ceremony – Congratulations!

If this is your first soccer awards ceremony, this guide will help you create the most rewarding presentations ever. If you have previously “tackled” this responsibility, this blog can help add a bit of pizzazz to your next awards ceremony.

Either way, parents, coaches and team alike will be grateful that you “made the assist” on this “goal”. Details, Details, Details! An Awards Ceremony must be fun – organization and advance preparation will allow your event to run smoothly.

First and foremost, decide on a budget. Consider your resources before you implement a plan.


Three weeks before the last soccer game, call around to your local pizza places, ethnic restaurants, local conference center or other venues that have separate meeting rooms. Explain that you will be hosting a soccer awards ceremony. Reserve a room even if you don’t have a final head count or food tally.

No rooms available? Ask for a long table along one wall of your desired spot. The host or hostess will create an estimate and ask you to call again as the date draws near. Divide that estimate between the number of families. Remember – The hostess is your friend and wants to see your event turn out well. She’s done about 2,000 of these parties. Use her knowledge.


Ordering in bulk (Pizza, Greek or Mexican food especially) ahead of time makes food ordering easy and helps keep costs down. Make parents aware that you will be pre-ordering. People don’t necessarily need to individually order for a soccer awards ceremony unless they have unique food requirements. These needs can be handled separately and with aplomb by mentioning that unique orders will not be added into the group fees and this food can be ordered separately. (You might suggest that they call the restaurant ahead of time to see what they can eat perhaps suggesting “I hear they have great gluten-free spinach soufflés.”)


Create a flyer for families to place on the refrigerator. Using one sheet of 8 x 11 paper (neon to convey importance is useful but not crucial) divided into four quadrants. Into the flyer put all of the pertinent ceremony information; the soccer awards, date, time, location, and to whom to give the payment and how much, in each quadrant. Pass out the flyer at the second to last game and again at the last game. In other words, you’ll need twice as many flyers as the number of attendees.


soccercertificateOrder soccer trophies and reward certificates at least three weeks ahead of the awards ceremony, depending on the type of merit.

If you’re wondering whether to select soccer trophies, medals or certificates, the answer is YES to all!

The kids will cherish their win for years to come and so will you. As your teens head off to college, they will certainly leave their treasured mementos proudly displayed in their room for when they return home.

Here are a few suggestions as to the type of Awards given and team members who receive it: A photo plaque is a great way for the entire team to remember their season. Certificates are great for individual achievement, have room for the coach to write three or more lines and are a nice touch for the coach who wants to give special mention to several members of the team. Medals are also a great way to hand unique mementos to the players that had an outstanding season.soccermedals
Trophies are awarded to the lead goal-maker and to the star players. The Coach should also receive a trophy, special sculpted trophy or plaque for instruction and team leadership.

Two weeks before the ceremony, send an email to all parents asking if they will attend and how many in their party. A few parents will not respond- do not take this personally. Wait two days and send out an email to those who have not responded, something like this – Subject line: “Last Chance: Final Count Needed for Soccer Awards Ceremony.”

Call the restaurant, give them the final count and complete the food order.

One week before the soccer awards ceremony – Hit the party supply stores or discount chains for decorations. Theme the room with soccer party favors; soccer napkins, centerpieces and other assorted goodies for the number of tables you will be using will to make a good party atmosphere.

Do you like to bake? The night before: make cupcakes for easy division and passing. Make enough for siblings and parents as well. If you make one dozen, recruit two other parents to make a dozen each. Don’t do everything yourself- recruit moms who love to bake!

The Program

soccertrophywhiteStart on time. Whether your team is made up of hyper six-year-olds or teens, everyone appreciates a decisive “Master of Ceremonies” to guide the food and awards ceremony most efficiently. Start heating up food while people are milling in and serve shortly.  Then, as the last diners are finishing their meals, preferably before you pass out the dessert, the Master of Ceremonies should stand up, ask for attention and thank the coach for all his hard work.
Turn over the ceremony to the coach – Now it’s HIS or HER show. Be ready with the soccer certificates, trophies and plaques so Coach can get the right award to the right sports star.

While handing out the trophies or certificates, advise the Coach of each player’s name and contribution.

The Pleasant Surprise at the End of the Soccer Awards Ceremony:
If you’ve ball-parked the estimate for the meal accurately, you should come pretty close to the bill’s total. The restaurant will most likely add the tip to the bill (parties of 8 eight or more).

Here’s a great surprise for the Planner: as you’re counting the money and looking closely at the bill, at least two families will come up to you and say, “Did you get enough? Are you sure?” Be honest if you’re short. They want to contribute. One may turn around to the rest of the group and say, “Hey we need another dollar over here!” There is nothing quite like a Soccer Awards Ceremony to bring the Team together!

soccertrophygoldcupParents will thank you for organizing the event, making you feel good and darned happy you stepped up.

Crown Awards will help make your next soccer awards ceremony EASY and fun!
Crown Awards has over thirty years of experience creating soccer trophies, medals and certificates for the benefit of parents, coaches and players. Everybody Wins!

Our Customer Service team can help you find the ideal way to acknowledge both individual and team contributions in on the soccer field. The Soccer Awards Ceremony can be a great memory in and of itself.

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See our Crown Soccer Medals video for more ideas.

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