Host A Memorable Family Reunion


Having an annual family reunion is a great way to ensure the entire family connects with each other and has fun. These events are a great way to build bonds and memories that are sure to last a lifetime. So, now that you have decided on having a family reunion here are some helpful hints to make it fantastic.

Location & Time

To ensure the maximum number of family members come as possible it is a good idea to FamilyReunionRibbonask around and see what time of year your family overall is free and pick a centrally located place. If your family is very spread out consider a location where you came from. People are often excited to go back and visit the place they grew up and get a chance to reminisce about the good ole days.

Having a good location that can accommodate all of your guests and has room for activities is key. Some good places to try are:

  • Local parks
  • Event halls in EMT & Fire Stations
  • A family member with a big house/back yard
  • Public Pool

The best locations are the ones that can handle a variety of different activities and have enough room to accommodate all of your guests.


Having a schedule of varied activities is key to make sure you are engaging the entire family and have games and competitions that everyone can participate in. Some fun games and contests include:

  • Egg Walk – Hacobaltradianceve everyone break up into teams of two and stand across from each other. Give one side a spoon with an egg on it and have everyone race to their partner and pass the egg to them. Have the partner race back, the first one across the finish line
    without a broken egg wins. For an added challenge have them hold the spoon in their mouth (make sure everyone has their own spoon)
  • Three Legged Races
  • Potato Sack Races
  • Touch Football
  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Water Balloon Toss – Have everyone start close and each round have them take a step back. If this does not seem to get people out have them do trick shots, for example behind their back or under their legs.
  • Photo Booth – Make your own by having a tripod setup and a camera on a timer. You can then post these images to social media as well as printing them out and mailing them to people. Your family will love how creative they can be with pictures!

What fun is winning a competition if there is no prize? Make sure to have prizes on hand for the winners of the contests. Prizes can range from simple to more elaborate:FamilyreunionTrophy

  • Participation Ribbons – These are perfect for ensuring that everyone who was involved goes home with something.
  • Trophy – Great as a more personalized award where you can have your family’s name and year of the reunion, plus the name of the event they won.
  • Custom Awards – Does your family have a specific crest or something that symbolizes them? Incorporate that artwork onto a crystal or acrylic.
  • Baked Goods – Show off your baking talent by making cupcakes and use frosting to denote places.

Anyway you choose to have your family reunion it is all about bonding time and making sure the family sees each other.

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