Clever Ideas & Party Themes for Your Volunteer Recognition Event


Having a theme in place for your volunteer recognition event makes party organization and promotion easier on the planner and more fun for the attendees. A creative theme has a better potential to create a buzz in the community and with local media as well.

Why stage a recognition event? Volunteers give of themselves, share a skill and motivate because they want to and it is important to thank and reward this selfless and altruistic act.

When considering the style of your event, first balance your organization’s “brand” with volunteer ages and lifestyles.

Would they most appreciate a:

  • 50′s throw-back theme where everyone wears poodle skirts, slicked hair and rolled up jeans with t-shirts. Diner-style hamburgers and fries with ice cream sundaes help complete the mood. Match a 1950′s hit with each volunteer as they come up to receive their recognition plaque. “Rock around the clock” is great for an energetic volunteer and “Wake Up Little Susie” for the late riser of the bunch.  Volunteer recognition plaques for all budgets come inscribed with professionally written, meaningful sentiments. These plaques convey meaningful messages and personalization with the individual’s name and date.
  • Western Theme:  Budget-friendly cowboy hats given out at the door put everyone in beyondcallthe frontier mood. Most have or can borrow western boots, vests, plaid shirts and frilly skirts. For the volunteer recognition awards, both custom pins and stock pins fit well into the theme. After all, pinning an award on a jean jacket or vest evokes memories of the stars worn by old west sheriffs. Message on stock pins like “Beyond the Call,” “Together We Can” and “Making the Difference” remind volunteers of their importance to the cause. With such a wide variety (including lots of star shapes!) of volunteer recognition awards, organizers can choose the organization’s colors and even logos in many cases on both stock and custom pins.
  • Black and white cocktail attire creates a sophisticated theme. These evening events typically occur around the holidays. While organizers praise all volunteers, typically those voluvolunteer-appreciation-crystalnteers who have given over and above of their time and energy are awarded with special recognition like a diamond jewel crystal award. Designed for display in offices and homes, these volunteer recognition awards bringing the recipient much deserved respect for years to come. With so many styles to choose from, awards run the gamut from enthusiastic to elegant.
  • Our Volunteers Are Stars!  A movie theme with volunteers recognized as Gliterazi and as American royalty conveys the important role they play in the organization. A rented red carpet for people entering sets the mood and white twinkle lights over the ceiling and around fixtures brings stars down to earth. Use black tablecloths and gold décor to provide contrast to the twinkling lights. Crystal volunteer recognition awards add sophisticated sparkle that help volunteers feel cherished during their star studded event.
Create a Volunteer Recognition Event to Remember

Throwing a volunteer recognition event is not only the right thing to do, it’s smart! Nurturing your team ensures a healthy state and even promotes  growth.

Volunteer recognition events let families, community members and the media see your organization’s dedication to its members and mission. Make sure to send out a press release to your media contacts. More, recognition events let volunteers connect with each other and make new friends, possibly one of the reasons they joined in the first place.

About Crown

Crown Awards offers volunteer recognition awards for all budgets and all levels of events. Using our award builder feature, we can create awards with your organization’s logo adding each volunteer’s name on any number of options. Call Crown today at 800-227-1557 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about creating the perfect symbol of your gratitude with plaques, pins and crystals. Be sure to visit us on our Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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