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As the summer draws to an end, school is not the only thing starting back up. The beginning of September means fall sports are about to commence, and who said the children should be the only ones enjoying these activities? Adult recreational leagues are growing and have many different sport options. Company leagues are a great way to get employees to break the ice and get excited about the company. Figuring out interesting activities for your employees to take part in outside of work will give them something to look forward to.

Getting Started
  1. Go Online – Do some research of local company sports leagues near your office, and pick a sport you would like your company to join. Softball and kickball leagues are growing in popularity and also offer room for about 20-25 employees to participate.
  2. Employee Involvement – Send out an e-mail to all employees with the details of the league; be sure to include the days and times that games and practices will take place as well as the duration of the league. If there is a high interest, you can consider creating two teams or holding tryouts. If there are too many people and cuts need to be made, consider making them alternates or team managers. Remember this is all about increasing employee morale.
  3. Register – Make sure you know when the leagues registration ends to be sure you sign up prior to the end date. Some leagues provide uniforms while others will leave you responsible for getting custom t-shirts made. Make sure you have everyone’s correct size before ordering your teams t-shirts.
  4. Practice Facilities – Find a local public field and reserve an hour once every week for the team to gather and practice. If every week is not feasible, try and get together at least once every other week.CustomT
The Season is Underway

It is important for the team to communicate with one another. To get teammateMVP_Clear_Stars talking more, consider going to a local restaurant for appetizers or dinner after games or practices. This will allow them to reflect on what happened during the game together as well as suggest ways to improve.

Instead of always practicing the entire time, set aside a half hour to do a team building activity. Try having the team stand in a circle and throw a skein of yarn to each other until every person is holding yarn; then have them try and untangle themselves without letting go of the yarn. Team building exercises are a great way to accent everyone’s creativity and problem solving skills.  Any additional time the squad spends together outside of work will be sure to increase their bond.

Memorabilia to Display

Star_RoundbaseThe league you are involved with may give out a team trophy for the winning team, but you may still want to consider having your own awards for each individual player. Consider giving out classic trophies to all participants. The trophy can have a figure of the sport as well as having the company name and year engraved on the front. Also, think about having a couple of special star acrylics to give out to people who stood out during the season. Categories for awards can be:

  • MVP
  • Breakout Player
  • Most Team Spirited
  • Always a Clown
  • Team Coach
About Crown Awards

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