Ideas For A Fantastic Easter


Spring is finally here, and aside from warmer weather, the start of spring means Easter! From goody-filled baskets to egg hunts and our favorite festive foods, Easter is a day enjoyed by all who celebrate! Here are some must-haves to keep the kiddies entertained.

Easter Baskets

BunnyMedalWant to get creative and personalize your baskets? Print out names on heavy card stock, insert in a small frame, and arrange it in the front of the basket so it’s easily visible through the cellophane wrap. When searching for items to put into the Easter basket anything goes. Avoid candy overload by adding other fun, colorful treats. Crayons, coloring books and stickers can not only add and educational element, but can also keep the kids entertained throughout the day. Nail polish, lip balm, figurines from your child’s favorite TV show and puzzles are always popular choices. If your child has a favorite sport or activity, why not add a medal or dog tag so they can proudly wear their enthusiasm for it. Keep your children’s interests in mind while putting together their basket and you will be sure to give them something they love.

Egg Hunt

BunnyTrophyEveryone loves a little competition! Make the eggs worth hunting for by getting empty eggs and filling them with an assortment of goodies – candy, coins, corny jokes, rubber bracelets, toy cars, fun erasers. For a successful hunt, keep the children’s ages in mind when filling eggs and planning the race. If you have varied age groups, have the older kids help the younger ones. Make some eggs more obvious for your tinier tots, and let them begin the hunt first. To ensure all eggs are collected, get a count before hiding them and mark off where the eggs are hidden on a map of the hunt area. Give participants baskets to hold the eggs they’ve collected.

If fairness and age-appropriate treats is a concern at your egg hunt, color-coordinate your eggs and have a race against the clock. Have each child search for only certain colored eggs. This will help you tailor the treats to each child, and can even encourage the children to help each other. The first child to collect all of their own eggs wins a trophy. Have medals on hand for all participants as an extra reward.

Decorating Eggs

Decorating eggs is a fun way to get even older kids and parents involved in the Easter festivities. Plan on providing 2-3 eggs per person and hard boil them in advance so they can cool down before handling. Allow imaginations to run wild by providing an array of decorating tools. Some suggestions:

  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Dye
  • Stickers
  • Felt, construction paper, googley eyes and glue
  • Small doll accessories can be a cute way to “dress up” eggs.BunnySticker

If dying eggs is a tradition in your family, make sure to pick up some gloves to avoid dying hands in the process. For a little extra flare, add glitter glue. Whatever methods you choose, egg decorating is fun for kids and adults of all ages. Create an egg gallery and let everyone show off their eggs. Want to infuse some competition into the activity? Have everyone vote on their favorite egg (no voting the one their own egg!), and hand out trophies for the winners.


Mealtime is most people’s favorite part of any holiday. If you’re planning on having a large gathering, take some of the pressure off you and your kitchen by making it a pot-luck meal. Provide the main entre and have your guests sign up to bring side dishes and desserts. This helps ensure that there’s something everyone like and plenty to go around! If you like to reward winners as much as we do, turn it into a cook-off with prizes and awards.

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