Top Ideas to Add Excitement to Corporate Retreats


Company retreats are great opportunities for team building, generating excitement about progress and recognizing the accomplishments of stand-out employees. Planning the right activities can take your company’s retreat from dull and mandatory to an exciting event that your employees look forward to each year.


Adding the Element of Fun

An out-of-the-office event should be fun. Encouraging teamwork and competition brings employees closer and allows people from different departments to get to know each other. With a diverse workforce, picking the right activities can be a challenge so we have listed a few ideas to get you started.

Keep in mind the varying physical abilities of your employees and pick activities in which everyone feels comfortable. Break into groups with one representative from each department. Let the teams decide who they will send forth to compete in each of the activities, making sure everyone participates with the rest of the team cheering them on.

  • Cup Stacking – Have employees pair off, put one arm behind their backs and try CupStackingMedalto stack and unstack the cups with their partner faster than the other teams. This game requires strategy, teamwork and a good sense of humor when those cups just don’t want to stay put!
  • Corn Hole – This is an easy-to-learn lawn game that requires just a tad bit of hand-eye coordination to score points for your team.
  • Obstacle Course – For the more daring employees, inflatable obstacle courses are a ton of fun to take on, as well as watch.
  • Office Jeopardy – Be Alex Trebek and ask trivia questions about your company history, industry, pop culture and current events for a game in which everyone can participate. Form the answer like a question for more fun!
  • Free for all – Set up a card table, bocce ball, table tennis, volleyball, crafts, etc. and let the employees have free reign. Interaction helps build solid working relationships.

Getting Down To Business

Infusing excitement is important, but do not forget the real driver behind company retreats; business! Set aside time during the day to discuss the company’s performance, growth, and plans for the future to get employees rallied behind the same business goals and princcrystal-paperweightiples.

  • History – Share the history of the company and milestones. Capturing photos at all company events comes in handy for creating a nostalgic slideshow to share at the retreat.
  • Goals – Communicate the company’s performance, growth and goals for the next year, five years, and long-term to get everyone united around a common objective.
  • Q&A – Offer employees the opportunity to submit questions to company leadership a week or two before the retreat. These can be related to changing policies, learning more about different divisions of the company, and starting new initiatives.

Recognizing Superstars

A company’s employees are its most valuable assets. Reward the workers whose contributions have stood out during the previous year. Each department manager should select one person who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the team. Many companies recognize:

  • Top sales person for each region5YearsMagnitude
  • Best customer service associate
  • Employee of the year
  • Best team player
  • Service awards for employees who have been with the company for a number of years

If your company culture is more laid-back, you can throw in a few whimsical acknowledgements, such as:

  • Office smarty pants
  • Early bird of the office
  • Most cheery
  • Most likely to have a case of the Mondays

Don’t forget to reward the winners of the retreat activities. Friendly competition is sweeter with a cool trophy to place on your desk for all to marvel!

Remembering the Retreat

Designate a photographer for the retreat. Make sure to snap photos of everyone who was recognized as well as candid shots throughout the day. Also be sure to get a nice big photo of the whole group to hang in the office!

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