Reflections on the “My First Trophy” Contest


Crown Awards understands the impact trophies can make, especially when it’s the first one you earn.  We asked you to share your personal photos and stories of the first award you received in our My First Trophy Contest. From scholastic achievements to sports and parades your stories truly move us.  Crown would like to share some of our favorites with you.


“In the early 70′s my town had a contest for “Best Decorated Bike” in the July Fourth parade.  The theme was Childhood Dreams.  My family worked for a week forming and decorating a refrigerator box and attaching it to my bike, making it into the Good Ship Lollypop, complete with gold lettering, fake candy and sail. It was hard to ride and steer but it rivaled some of the actual floats. I remember seeing the 1st place trophy and how much taller it was than the others. I was so happy that I cried when they presented it to me.”


“During my first year of hockey in 1966, my Grandfather (Papa) never missed a game. He was a hard-working factory shoe maker that never had extra money – but somehow always had enough. He hand-crafted a plaque and attached a silver dollar for every goal I scored that year (30). The time he took to create such a unique award was priceless. I have carried the confidence of that “First Trophy” through all my working and personal life – knowing you can reach the goal with hard work and commitment.  Thanks Papa!”


“The last five years of my father’s life, he lived with me in St. Louis. He went to all my bowling league games. People would ask others to move their seats so my father could sit and watch being a little feeble. He saw me bowl an 800, a couple 299′s and 298′s, but not a 300, which he was looking forward to. He passed away with me at his side in the hospital. I flew him home to Vermont to get his honor guard and military funeral. After a few days, I went back to St. Louis. Two days later was my men’s league. I was sad and I had the flu. I bowled 11 strikes in a row in the 2nd game, and when I threw that last ball, I knew he was there. I looked up and said with tears, this one is for you dad. The guys thought I was too emotional over a 300, but finally I understood what it meant to my dad. I have bowled 28 more since that day, and I still think about my picture with him holding my ball on the alley with my name on the big board in back. It’s been 15 years, and I still tear up when typing things like this.”


TaraHipHop“This year is my 6-year-old daughter’s first time dancing on the hip-hop team. At her first dance competition, she received the team trophy. Her coach said she got it for being the youngest on the team, but paying the most attention, keeping up, knowing her spot, etc.  She may be the youngest and the smallest on the team, but her energy, determination, and passion for the sport of cheer and hip-hop are certainly huge! She ended up falling asleep with her trophy that night. She was so proud of herself and said that day was the best day ever!”


“My daughter Brooklyn knows school is important. She received her first awards at school. She was recognized for Perfect Attendance. Not only did she receive the award for her class, but for the entire school. She was the only student that year for perfect attendance. She also won a Spelling award. I asked the teacher where they got the awards and they mentioned you. I know my daughter Brooklyn loves her awards, because she still has them right next to her bed. Thanks for the beautiful awards!” 

And the Winner …Heather

“I would like to nominate my son. He worked incredibly hard going door to door asking for a vote. It was a penny a vote, and all of the money he earned went to help the town. He was so happy to just to help, but his hard work paid off!”

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