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Halloween Awards

Halloween has quickly become one of the most popular holidays in America and gives everyone the chance to dress up, get out of their everyday clothes, have some fun, and take part in exciting activities and contests. Halloween contests are a great way to get everyone around involved, and a chance for them to use their imaginations and be creative! No matter where your Halloween Party is held; these contest ideas are sure to be huge hits!

Halloween Contest Ideas:

-Pumpkin Carving or Painting: See which of your friends can create the most spookHalloweenTrophyy or most creative pumpkin! Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween contest where adults can show off their artistic side. Painting pumpkins is a new take on the contest that allows for kids to be more hands on, or for you to show more detail on your spooky pumpkins!

-Costume Contest: A staple at every Halloween party, the costume contest lets people branch out and try to squash the competition with their costumes. There are a bunch of different categories you can choose winners for:

  • Most creative/original
  • Scariest/Ugliest
  • Cutest
  • Funniest
  • Best homemade costume

You can evPumpkinTrophyen put on a parade or a fashion show to show off everyone’s amazing costumes at your party!

-Decoration Contest: This contest can be tailored to any party environment, including parties at school, work, or your home. At school, have students help their teachers in decorating their classroom, then have all classes take a look at each classroom (they can even trick or treat at each room while they’re at it!). At work, have employees decorate their desks/cubicles! It’s a great way to spruce up the work day and have everyone at work get in the festive spirit. For parties at home, have each of your guests bring a Halloween decorated party snack! Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and any other food can become Halloween themed with a bit of creativity. For all the contests be sure to have a judging committee that is neutral.

Halloween Awards!

No contest is complete without awards to give out, so be sure to present your contestants with Halloween awards! Crown’s awards are great to give out to your big winners, as well as each participant so everyone goes home a winner. Whether it be medals, ribbons, or trophies, we have plenty of options available to be the perfect awards for your party!

About Crown Awards

Crown Awards has over thirty-five years of experience creating Halloween trophies, medals and crystals that are sure to impress! With SAME DAY SHIPPING and 24 HOUR TURNAROUND (on web orders placed by 4:00 PM EST) on many awards, we even help with last-minute orders. Connect with Crown Awards on Facebook, Twitter, and visit our website. Questions? Call 800-227-1557 and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you!

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