Camp Activites For The End Of The Summer


As summer camp winds down, the Color War begins! For one of the first times all summer, the camp is divided not by age but by team. Color War is like an extended Field Day, lasting 3 to 5 days, during which campers compete in athletic and craft competitions to emerge victorious. What better way to wave off the summer than to bond with teammates for one last chance at camp glory?

Make this year’s color war one of the best for your campers!

More Camper Involvement

Leadership-PinTo start, put the oldest camp unit in charge of setting up and running the color war. Mature campers who have proven their leadership abilities throughout the summer should be bestowed the honor of being elected team captains. Each team should have a male and a female captain to oversee the group. The remainder of the campers in the senior unit can be split into different leadership roles based on their interests. Some other vital roles include Spirit Captain to help teams come up with unique cheers, Fashion Captain to help design interesting team uniforms, and Event Ambassadors to teach campers the rules of the events and offer training before the matches.

To help differentiate the teams while keep up the unified camp spirit, create a custom shirt with the year and camp logo, in the different team colors. Then let your campers put on their finishing team touches – just be sure to have plenty of scissors, beads, sequence, felt, fabric paint, and fabric markers ready!

Make it a Surprise

Instead of adding the color war activity to the campers’ schedule, leave this event off and start it in a unique way. For day camp, have someone parachute and land on the basketball court with a sign that says, “COLOR WAR” while the campers are there waiting for an announcement or finishing up lunch outside.  For sleep away camps, wait until “lights out” and have the senior campers run through the bunks announcing “COLOR WAR!” and herding the other campers outside for a fireworks display and the official call to begin the games.

Keep Them Busy

For the Color War to be a success, make sure there are a plethora of activities for everyone to participate in.  Some unique events to include are:

  • Camp-wide Relay Race – Incorporate different kinds of activities that campers of all ages can partake in. Start off with the campers singing the camp song as fast as they can on stage in the auditorium. Make sure to include all daily and some not so daily camp activities, such as a paddle board race across the lake, a swim ring grab in the pool, and a pie eating contest (remember no hands)! Have the race end on the tennis court with a camper trying to knock over three tennis ball containers on the other Disc-Golf-Ribbonside of the court.
  • Rope Burn – Set up a twine rope that hangs from two polls (one rope for each team)
    in the middle of an open area. Have the campers gather sticks and other kindle for a fire. Then have the counselors of the team assemble their findings and build a fire. The first team to have their rope break into two pieces wins. Make sure to have supervision and do not let the campers near the fire.
  • Disc Golf Tournament – To get the entire camp involved, make holes at varying distances so campers of all ages can play. The first hole would be closest to the tee for the youngest unit and the older the unit, the further each hole. Scoring should be by hole, and the team that scores the lowest on the most holes will win.
  • Song Competitions – Have the campers write their own team songs. They can use songs they already know and change the words, or they can create their own tune and write an original song!  For a fun twist have them use samples of multiple famous songs and have them change the words to make them relevant to their summer to create a funny melody. This is great for the campers to perform as a whole for the last event of the summer.

It’s All in Good Fun

Star-Performer-MedalCamp over the course of these events is all about competition and finding out what team in camp reigns supreme. To ensure that this is all in good fun and campers do not take the rivalry too seriously, be sure to instate rules that must be followed. Make communal areas zones a no talking zone regarding the color war. Discourage bad sportsmanship by deducting points for trash talking and other negative behavior. Make sure in physical competitions that proper equipment is worn and that campers only compete against other kids in their age range. Have a camp wide song session to close out the games and reconnect the camp as one.

Make the campers feel special no matter what place they come in. You can give campers Star Performer Medals for all activities they participate in. The Classic Achievement Trophy is perfect to have on display all summer long. Engrave it with the winning team and that year’s captains for a truly special award.

About Crown Awards

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