Fun Themes for School Concerts and Marching Band Awards

When daylight extends past dinner and buds dot the tree branches, the spring school concert is in a Forward…March!  Music teachers, school administrators, involved parents and musicians long to parade their dedication and hard work in entertaining and constructive ways.

Atten-hut! Coming up with fresh ideas for making both the concert and the awards ceremony fun and impressive doesn’t need to be a burden. Scan this arrangement of themes for spring school concerts, marching and jazz bands  to get your own creative juices flowing.

The Sing Along: Ella Fitzgerald once said “the only thing better then singing is more singing” and she’s right! Accompaniment can only add to the joyous occasion.

Keep the audience engaged by making them a part of the musical program. Select several songs common to your state or area and make it clear in the program that parents are  invited to sing along.

marchingbandtrophymarchingbanddrummertrophyHere are a few well-known state favorites that can liven up any concert:

Connecticut – Yankee Doodle Dandy
Kansas – Home on the Range
Louisiana – You Are My Sunshine
New York – I Love New York

Television Show Tunes: While this works better for choir concerts, sheet music from television shows exists for beginning bands as well. Consider the theme song from TV shows like, “Sponge Bob Square Pants,” “The Simpsons,” “Pokemon,” “Rugrats,” and more – these tunes are familiar and fun for kids of all ages.

musictrophySongs from an Era:  Parents will appreciate renditions of top songs from their teen and later years. Music from the 1970’s and 1980’s may not be played perfectly, but the memories it conjures up adds meaning to your concert.

You’ll probably want to sing along  or stomp your feet to a few of these favorites:

American Woman – The Guess Who
I Can See For Miles (and Miles) – The Who
Come Sail Away – Styx
Beat It – Michael Jackson
The Hustle – Van McCoy

Music from a Genre: Whether it’s a Cowboy or Dance Fever theme, when you make your concert selections all country and western, folk or disco, kids and parents can also have fun dressing the part.

Music by Country:  Take parents on a musical world tour, incorporating the unique sounds of all kinds of cultures. Have they heard the kalimba or African thumb piano? How about the erhu or two-stringed fiddle from China? What kind of instruments are gathering dust in the back of your band closet? Surprises like these keep your yearly band concert engaging year after year.

Choir and Band Awards: Improve the Dynamics of Your School Band Concert Experience

Anyone who has been to a spring school concert knows that, after the instruments have been packed away, the kids proudly wear their participation medals. It’s an honor to be a member of a school musicale or marching band!

Medals, trophies and awards can be ordered with pianos, percussion instruments, treble clefs and more.


Award leader for over 30 years, Crown’s wide variety of music medals and more ensures you’ll be able to tailor your reward with school colors, mascot name and more.

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