Little League Award Presentation Tips For After the Big Win!

The end of season Award Presentation party  should be the hit of the entire Little League  season.

Three months of carpooling, knocking grass from cleats and running bases in the hot sun often goes by in a blur. It’s generally not until the end-of-season party that parents and players get to sit down, relax and actually consider all that has been accomplished! Make your party the satisfying end to baseball or softball games well-played (and practices well-attended) with these Little League Award Presentation tips.

Feed ‘em First. Keep the Program Moving.

If you’re the one presenting the awards, chances are you are the coach, the team parent, or the party volunteer. Keep your eyes on the plates of those around you and at other tables at the Little League awards presentation. The sight of half empty plates is your cue to stand up and thank everyone for attending the ceremony.

Thank everyone who volunteered for these roles:

  • Snack Scheduler
  • Party Planner
  • Phone Tree Coordinator
  • Team Roster Creation & Distribution
  • Field Maintenance

The best Little League Award Presentation pointers always include accommodating the parents’ schedules and comfort. After all, having a great season next year depends on how many sign up again.

Coach’s Turn . . . Phew… Time to Sit Down!
. . Unless You’re the Coach, of Course

baseballcrystalvibrantAt this point, parents, athletes and coaches should be finished eating and the wait staff will have cleared the tables.

Now it’s onto the coach’s portion of the ceremony where he or she hands over the trophies one by one offering a few nice words about each player (MANDATORY: see below). It’s nice to  add a quote about the team mentor that fit with your coach’s style and the team’s sporting experience.

We’ve gathered a few inspirational quotes for you to choose from – Little League award presentation tips wouldn’t be complete without them!

“Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate.”
Vince Lombardi

“Players respond to coaches who really have their best interests at heart.”
Mike Singletary

“A team takes on the personality of the head coach.”
Ricky Williams

All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.
Bill McCartney

Coaching is about human interaction and trying to know your players. Any coach would tell you that. I’m no different.
Bill Parcells

By referencing these athletes and legendary coaches, your Little League awards presentation becomes more meaningful.

The Heart of the Little League Awards Presentation: Player Appreciation from the Coach

littleleaguetrophyWith confidence, the coach knows at the beginning of the season that he or she will be presenting Little League trophies, plaques or medals one by one to each player. Parents paid all fees, created all snacks, attended all games just for this particular moment. They want specific praise for their child, reassurance that all the athletes’ hard work has paid off in improved skills, character building and life lessons. It’s up to the coach to deliver! The good news is that delivering the message is easy when the coach has kept an eye out all season for how each player contributed uniquely to the team.

Even more good news: parents will enjoy all praise! Whether focusing on catching, throwing or a pleasant, helpful attitude, parents eat it up. Make the Little League Awards Presentation a time when everyone beams with well-deserved pride.

Planning makes it easy to deliver the accolades. Coach should be jotting down notes throughout the season about the players’ strengths, their funny sayings, signature skills or personality traits. A separate notebook with one player’s name at the top of each page maintains organization. Keeping this notebook in the car and remembering to jot items down after practices works well too.

If coach hasn’t been keeping this kind of notebook all season, jotting down short summaries the night before will suffice. You can even have your notes with you in front of the crowd at the Little League Awards Presentation.

Parents understand that you can’t keep all of the children and their unique abilities completely accurate without a few notes, especially when you’re in the spotlight. Just look  directly at the child, smile when presenting the award and you’re a hero!

Crown Awards Has Trophies, Medals and More to Impress Baseball Players and Parents

Parents of teens and older children know that Little League trophies and plaques remain personal keepsakes for years. Why? The site of the trophy takes the child back to glory days on the field in front of cheering fans when the ball landed smack in the glove or their toe just hit the plate for that winning home run. The Little League Awards presentation, surrounded by friends and family, has a way of staying with an athlete throughout life.

Award leader for over 30 years, Crown Awards has a  variety of Little League medals, plaques and crystals to reward a players’ hard work and dedication.

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