March 7 Is Employee Appreciation Day – Recognition Ideas


March 7, 2014 is National Employee Appreciation Day. This day aims to focus attention on recognizing employees for their valuable contributions to the success of the company. Employee recognition boosts productivity and happiness. It has been proven again and again. If you want to show recognition for your employees’ solid work habits but don’t necessarily have the means to present them with lavish gifts, we have come up with some easy on the pocket ways.

So, what can businesses do to reward the company’s best and brightest workers?

The good news is that managers and owners can make up for a reduction in material goods or “swag” with a spontaneous, more-effort-than-money reward system. You might be surprised to learn that it isn’t necessarily the size of the reward but the importance of being recognized that motivates employees.

Spontaneous recognition rewards include:

• Involving employees in the decision-making process
• Asking for the employee’s opinions
• Offering praise in front of others – and praising those who’ve have improved as well as the stars
• Emailing praise and including higher ups in the mail
• Inviting employees to participate in training programs for new skills
• Recognition in the company newsletter or on the bulletin board
• Taking time to discuss career paths and options within the company

acrylicawardsThe Rewarding with the Right Awards Can Keep Your Employee Recognition on a Budget

While it may take some time to turn these practices into a new habit, scheduling in one to two hours per week for observing, documenting then and acknowledging good work and “improvement” not only makes for a better work business environment but also encourages greater productivity.

Business owners and managers should not underestimate their impact on their employees. Employee motivations expert, Dr. Robert Nelson, found that “92% of employees believe that ‘support and involvement’ from their manager is ‘extremely important’ to their overall job satisfaction.”

Powered by regular, spontaneous acknowledgment, employee recognition on a budget becomes a snap to pull off. The value shifts from the actual award itself to all the work and experience behind it. Once the award becomes a memento of the positive interactions between manager and employee, its value skyrockets.

Some ideas of employee recognition include:

youareastarcrystal• Inscribe a crystal or acrylic award with the meaningful words you’ve exchanged with that employee. Go beyond “Excellent Contribution” and “Top Service” and get as specific as you can e.g. “Our Go-To Translator of Teen Customer Issues.”, “Keeping Us Organized and Always Ready.”.
• Award an entire team with recognition pins.
Engrave a plaque with the company logo and the positive nickname the employee has come to be known by. “John Smith: Customer Service Rep to the Stars” or “Mary Jones: Consummate Coder of XYC Corp.”

Trust Crown Awards to Keep Your Employee Recognition on a Budget

According to Harvard Business Review article, “5 Ways to Retain Employees Forever,” at any one time 40% of American workers claim they plan to start looking for a job in the next six months. The reason behind their dissatisfaction? Most report they do not feel appreciated for the hours and effort they’ve invested in the company. Even in difficult times, acknowledging employees is critical.

With more than thirty years of experience providing employee recognition pins, plaques, crystals and more, Crown Awards can help you find the ideal way to acknowledge individual contributions in your workplace.

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