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How much is engraving?

Cost varies depending on the type of awards your order.

Medals and Dog Tags
- 68¢ per plate with same engraving (quantity discounts available)
- 75¢ per plate with different engraving

Trophies, Cups, Sculptures, Plaques, Crystal and Acrylic Awards
- First 40 characters are FREE*

Clocks, Paperweights, Mugs and Gavels
- First 40 characters are FREE*

Corporate Plaques and other Corporate type items
- First 40 characters are FREE*

*Click here for details on extra charges for engraving past 40 characters

How much is engraving past 40 characters?

Cost varies depending on the type of awards your order.

Medals and Dog Tags
- 12¢ per extra character

Trophies, Cups and Sculptures
- 12¢ per extra character

Plaques, Crystal and Acrylic Awards
- 27¢ per extra character

Clocks, Paperweights, Mugs and Gavels
- 27¢ per extra character

Corporate Plaques and other Corporate type items
- 27¢ per extra character

Is there an engraving charge on medals?

Yes there is small charge for engraving plates for medals. If the medals all have the same engraving, it is 68 cents per engraving plate (quantity discounts available). If the engraving is different from medal to medal it is 75 cents per engraving plate. Engraving plates for medals are shipped with the order but not attached.

How many characters can an award have?

Engraving varies depending on the type of award ordered. We offer medals, trophies, plaques, acrylics and crystals and each may have a different sized area for the engraving. Our Engraving experts will adjust and format the engraving to best fit the award.

How can I submit my engraving information?

If you are calling us to place your order, we prefer that you email your engraving. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Send your Word or Excel document with engraving detail.
  2. Use font size 12, typed in Capital Letters.
  3. Review your engraving information carefully and accurately.
  4. Send to
  5. Subject line should read "New Engraving" with your order number.

For orders placed online, it's easy to enter your engraving during checkout! We'll guide you through the process and give you a chance to review and edit before placing your order.

Should I Fax over my Engraving?

We no longer accept faxes for engraving. Click here for instructions on emailing us your engraving.

What information should I include when I email my Engraving Information?

Here is our helpful check list:

  • Include your order # on the subject line of your email.
  • Match the number of Engravings to the number of items ordered.
  • Separate your Engraving by Item Number and make sure to specify male/female on each item.
  • Stay within the allotted number of characters. Blank spaces count as a character but not charged. Additional engraving fees will be charged to your existing credit card. Click here for more information.
  • Type all Engraving in CAPITAL LETTERS.

What type of format should I use for my engraving?

Suggested Format for Trophy or Medals- 3-Line Plates:

  • Line 1 - Organization, Team or League
  • Line 2 - Place or Division
  • Line 3 - Date or Season

How does the engraving work for the perpetual trophy/plaque when I have the winners in the future?

When you order our Perpetual award, you will receive all of the small blank metal plates upon ordering the award. When you are ready for engraving, simply mail us the plates with your previous order number, the engraving and contact information. We will then engrave the plate and mail it back to you. There is a $5 charge for each small plate to be engraved.

In the case your trophy/plaque has small flexi-engraving plates, you will need to call us at 1-800-227-1557 to order. We do not ship out blank flexi-engraving plates.

The large plate is included, as well as any small engraved plates on the original order.

Can I order awards now without engraving and then get the engraving after we have our winner's name?

Yes, if you are ordering Trophy or Medal awards. We can easily create your engraving plates and ship them to you when you have your engraving information.

Note: We need your engraving for Crystal and Acrylic type awards and Plaques before your order can ship.

I want to make one line of my engraving larger than the other. How do I select that?

We can do that for you over the phone. By placing your order by phone with a representative, you can then email us your engraving and specify to the engraving department which line you would like larger than the others.

I am only going to have 1 line on this plate. Will it be scaled up to fill up the plate when I order it online?

The website will automatically center the engraving, but it will not be scaled to fill up the plate. We can do that for you if we place your order for you by phone and then have you email us your engraving to

Can you engrave a foreign language as the engraving, like Greek characters?

Yes. If your engraving information is all the same, we set up the engraving as a logo and repeat the image on each award. There is a one time logo fee of $35. This applies to Crystal and Acrylic awards only.

Can Crystal Awards carry my logo in color?

Yes, several of our crystal awards are designed to carry color. We would love to assist you in finding the right crystal award for your event. Please call and one of our Awards Specialists will assist you.

Is it possible to engrave my logo on the engraving plate for this trophy?

Unfortunately our engraving plates are too small to carry a logo properly. We have a large selection of awards that a take a logo.

Will this engraving plate last in the outdoors? Are they weatherproof?

Our engraving plates are not weatherproof and may not stand up to the outside elements.