Crown's Growth

Crown Awards - The Most Powerful Awards Company

Crown is a powerhouse company as the E-commerce leader, top awards manufacturer, global innovator and advanced marketer. Utilizing state of the art technologies and facilities, Crown is in a class by itself.

Crown Trophy - The Only Franchise Of Its Kind

That small chain of Crown Trophy stores has ballooned into 150 retail outlets. Nationally Known and Locally Owned is the slogan and our stores distribute the very best youth sports and corporate awards across the nation.

Crown Awards Are Everywhere

Crown delivers happiness to over 90% of Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of thousands of children each and every year.

Learning, Growing And Improving

Ever evolving, Crown Awards is creating new awards, developing new strategies, building new revenue streams, adding new technology, working on new training philosophies and continuing its growth to always be Americas #1 awards supplier. Whether its marketing, design, distribution or customer service, Crown wants to be the best for you.

Crown delivers happiness

The Only Awards Franchise of It's Kind

Learning, Growning and Improving